A Letter From Alison

Dear Alana,

Your email couldn't have come at a better time - thank you!  You have re-inspired and motivated me.

My background:
I am the mother of 11 year old twin boys, both with Autism (high functioning), Coeliac Disease, trichotillomania, and anxiety disorders.

I work part-time as a preschool teacher's assistant and volunteer at my kids school library coving books.

Between therapy visits, work pressure, and just the demand of motherhood, I have found the last few years VERY stressful and felt I was just treading water and chasing my tail.  Day-to-day life was just routine and a rut and a juggling act to get things done and through the day, ready for the next one!

Needless to say, at the end of last year it all got too much and I had a bit of a meltdown and am now on antidepressants (which I have found very helpful).  I now have more clarity and realize I need to approach life with more positivity, more calm, more mature, and more me discovery.

I have discovered that looking after myself is allowing me to look after my boys better and to cope with life's stresses better too.  Therefore, I have just started yoga, and a realistic exercise program to help me be a better/healthier me, and achieve more calm and clarity, but I also want to achieve more balance in my life and I realize I need to include intention and goals to do this.

So, thanks again for your email and tips  I was stuck about how to go about starting with intentional living and now I can take a few small first steps.

Kind regards,
Alison H.


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