The Intentional Health journey does not happen in a vacuum - we cannot only focus on health to get the results you really desire. Notice the variety of transformations Alana’s clients experience - from improved health, to more satisfying relationships, more confidence, and finding their voice, passion and purpose

“Before working with Alana, my energy was all over the place and so sporadic!! I was working crazy shift work and building a business. I would go go go for days and nights at a time and I would then have to sleep for an entire day and night. I would end up missing out on being there for my 3 kids due to having to sleep a day away to catch up on my energy.

After working with Alana, I have maintained a high energy level, I no longer have to sleep for an entire day following my busy week. I can keep up with my kids and I feel great. I have been able to start eating healthier and people at work keep saying ‘you look so happy.

I truly know that this comes from working with Alana and the supplements that I have been introduced to are making such a difference!! Thank you so much Alana!”

~ Vanessa Schellenberg
Mother/Wife ~ Woman's Coach ~ Nurse
Saskatoon ~ Saskatchewan

“I was feeling totally stuck in regards to my weight and my health. I have worked with a lot of coaches, and I am a coach. So, when I say that Alana astounds me in her coaching, that's no small feat.

I've also seen her in group coaching. She's non-judgmental, loving, empathetic, and yet no-nonsense in her questions to get me to think, to be honest, to go deep.  Her insight is often surprising and always invaluable.

I trust Alana always to be on my side, and yet never to let me get away with my attempts to deflect or avoid. She sees connections in what I say that make so much sense, and give me frequent a-ha moments - they are connections I never would have made, even after all the personal work I've done.

Every session leaves me feeling more empowered, more loving toward myself and others, more positive and more capable. She provides me with tools with which to move forward, and checks in on me, if it has gone too long since I've contacted her. She answers all emails, and gives undivided attention - even in group work; there is no doubt in the group that Alana's focus is on the person in the spotlight.

Her comments to others never fail to awaken something in me - be it a new-found way of looking at things, something new to explore in my own experience, and often a new way to coach. I learn from her every time we interact. I have grown in self-love, in self-assurance, in self-empowerment, in feeling more valued by those around me, and in a much more positive outlook on life

I am becoming more regular in my daily practice. And I have hope for a better future. Because the coaching we are doing is around health, I am most definitely taking better and conscious care of my body, and I feel an undeniable resurgence of vitality, all because of Alana's tools, coaching, and encouragement.

A friend of mine I skype with regularly just said to me yesterday (out of the blue -- we weren't talking about this) how she notices a new brightness to my energy, I look healthier, and that I am gentler with myself and others.

I have never been coached by someone like Alana - soooo loving, incredibly insightful, unquestionably empathetic, while still keeping firm but caring boundaries. She also never gives up. If something isn't working, she looks for new pathways that will be more effective. She is willing to work with the client and respond authentically and inspiringly. I can't recommend Alana enough.”

~ Barbara Butcher Uboe
Coach ~ Healer ~ Adventurer
Carbondale ~ Colorado

I'm loving this magic, what is this sorcery? It's curbing my cravings without me trying. This is a huge difference.

~ Katrein Ruehmland
Mother ~ Partner
Following The Scenic Route
Calgary ~ Alberta

“The reason I wanted to start this work was I felt stuck. I struggle with food and care taking. I wanted to be able to get a handle on these things. I also struggle with speaking up for myself and knowing my self worth.

I was happy to try a different approach. Alana is incredible! She is intuitive and spot on. It felt like she knew exactly what I needed. It still amazes me.

A major thing that has changed is how I feel about myself. I was taught that kids are “meant to be seen and not heard”. I feel like I really got my voice back and that I AM valuable. A lot of my self doubt is gone.

I loved that being part of a group helped validate that to be true. I have always been afraid to speak up. I never knew what the outcome would be. It made me stay quiet.

Not now! I have been encouraged that what I have to say has worth. I believe it. My relationships are better and I am happier. It took baby steps and that works for me. I can follow through. People in my life have definitely noticed the changes.

Alana is wonderful and I am very fortunate to have her as a coach.”

~ Robin Hauck
Realtor ~ Hair Stylist ~ Partner ~ Caretaker Of Many
Fort Collins ~ Colorado

Alana is a coaching genius! Not only does she have a great understanding of nutrition and exercise, she's excellent at helping you uncover what's driving your unhealthy behaviors.

With her help, I saw what was driving my eating and self-image issues and was able to put them to bed. This has made me able to change my habits from a place of body love, instead of body shame.

She's warm and easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and obviously a highly trained & skilled coach. I highly recommend her!”

~ H.S. Wylde
Coach ~ Speaker ~ Life Enthusiast
Atlanta ~ Georgia

“When I began working with Alana, I experienced a variety of health issues (hypothyroid), stress, and desired weight loss.

Alana is a powerful coach. She is open and authentic, and also an expert in her field. She has combined health information, health goals, emotional clearing, and tapping. Alana is most wonderful in one-on-one sessions, and she also creates a safe community in group coaching sessions. I have become very bonded with the women in the group program and we support one another.

I use the tapping methods that Alana has taught me whenever I feel triggered, uneasy, upset or need to calm down. I regularly use it at my place of work.

I have transformed feelings of being unworthy or not enough, to believing that I deserve to be well cared for (by me) and realizing that my self-care is essential. I have learned to calm my nervous system with tapping, and I have taught my 11 year old daughter how to do the same (which has been key in helping her cope with being bullied at school).

For the first time in my life, I have given priority to having a good relationship with my body. I have maintained my supplement protocol for mineral balancing. I have calmed myself when triggered - this is huge because the stress on my body when triggered is substantial and has had a big impact on my health. I expect that calming myself also stopped me from saying and doing some things I would later regret. Instead of "freaking out" or dissolving into a puddle of tears, I calmed myself with tapping.

Now, I realize that no matter what is happening, my body deserves to be in a place of calm and not being subjected to excess stress, AND now I have the tools to do that!

Alana is amazing! She really understands people!”

~ Laureen Card
Women's Empowerment Coach ~ Mother/Wife ~ Lawyer
Victoria ~ British Columbia

"Before working with Alana, I'd been struggling with belly fat, and really had been working hard with trying to deal with it.  I just wanted to know if what I was doing - the healthy choices I was making - were really doing something for me.

Alana was awesome at discovering what was really allowing the belly fat to stay on . . . I was surprised to find that even though I make great decisions with my health, I was believing that all was lost, and this integration of all the elements to weight loss need to fit together in a way that was fun and not a chore.

We also discovered that my belly fat is trying to let me know that I do not feel safe, which is absolutely true for me. If I continue to approach it like it's a to do and not an act of self-love (with appreciation and that I'm supporting myself) the belly fat would just stick around.

Thank you, Alana, for your love and support and helping me to see the truth that the hard work I was putting in was worth it, but to truly seek the support from someone like you to keep on top of the wins and losses (in a good way) and have a trusted accountability system in place that feels good!

I feel like Alana "gets me" and no one has ever made me be at ease talking about this issue.”

~ Lynette French-Dumas
Coach ~ Awareness Creator
Oxford ~ Connecticut

“I  really love working with Alana. She works with both body and mind to get to the root of my struggles. And the fact that she does the mineral analysis, which affects everything, really helped.

I am much more AWARE of my inner thoughts and feelings. I'm recognizing the impact of STRESS and dealing with it in a much healthier way now, realizing that I have a choice! I’m learning to breathe, take care of myself, and the EFT tapping is so effective.

I am already experiencing changes in my stress levels, I'm handling life differently, I am exercising more consistently, being more aware of my food choices, and I think I'm becoming more positive.

My Husband is noticing a difference....  a big difference!! I so appreciate Alana's wisdom, her willingness to correspond, be available, to speak truth, and that she wants her clients to succeed … with NO condemnation!!!!”

~ Bethany Bailey Morgan
Community Organizer ~ Mother/Wife ~ Grandmother
Pampa ~ Texas

My experience with Alana has been like none other. She never settles for one size fits all approaches. She constantly pursues furthering her education and practice to serve each client individually.

Working with Alana only a few times has given me more information and guidance than years of work with doctors and counselors.

~ Galynn Lackey
High School Dean ~ Mother ~ Adventurer
Fort Collins ~ Colorado

“I have struggled with my weight for what feels like my whole life. I am what the medical community likes to call morbidly obese. My weight is a huge hurdle and stumbling block for me, and constantly holds me back from being all that I can be.

Working with Alana has been eye opening. When I first started tapping, I thought, ‘Well...OK. I am not sure this is going to work, but I will give it a try.’ It felt odd and awkward, but Alana encouraged me to keep with it.

Low and behold, I started getting some interesting responses. At first it did not seem like much, but Alana has helped me see how critical the feedback I am getting is to the process and my well being.

Alana and I just started working on what I consider to be a giant issue for me and that is overeating. Since we started working on this, I have been very aware of when I am hitting my full line and stopping - this is something I’ve never experienced before. It has been great. In addition, it has made me more aware of how fast I am eating, and I have slowed down. For me, these two items are huge.

I can say for certain I have a solid start at making some dramatic life changes, and I have the support and tools to get me there. Without Alana's coaching and guidance I would not feel the confidence and hope that I feel today as I look to the future.

When I first started with Alana, I thought, ‘Well...we will see how this goes.’ I have done pretty much everything you can think of to get a handle on my weight. Working with Alana has been amazing. The work is hard, but at the same time it isn't. Digging in and uncovering my inner secrets is not always fun, but with Alana, I feel safe and supported. I don't feel judged, and I feel I can talk about anything.

Working with Alana has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

~ Michelle Kuster
Analysis ~ Soul Seeker
Fort Collins ~ Colorado

“I have been on a path to improve my health since 2012. With joint pain, headaches, low energy, resistance to weight loss and food intolerances becoming the norm in my life, I knew I had to get healthy. And I worked hard to eat right, exercise and feel better.

While I did everything “right”, I still struggled – the pain, energy, sleep and weight still plagued me. The doctors said that everything looked “great and normal”, yet I didn’t feel great so they put me on thyroid medicine to help improve my energy and encouraged me to just keep eating healthy. While the medicine temporarily improved my energy, I knew it wasn’t a fix. So I chose to take my health into my own hands.

I started working with Alana in 2016 and after just 3 months, I experienced a huge difference. My headaches that have been plaguing me since college are gone, my energy is up (I’m off my thyroid medicine AND feeling good), and my body is starting to tolerate things I couldn’t eat just a few months ago. It feels like my body is starting to heal after years of “illness”.

I’m excited by the results so far and am thrilled to be on a sustainable path to a stronger, healthier and happier me! Thank you Alana!”

~ Jenn Olson
Mother ~ Entrepreneur ~ Wife
Erie ~ Colorado

“Alana immediately gave me some exercises, such as breathing and relaxation/alertness practices that allowed me to have some “small wins” that increased my will to engage with a program that informed me about my past patterns and guided me into the exercises for forming new, more productive behaviors and awareness,

This guidance and frequent acknowledgement of my resistance was a big hurdle for me. My ease with this process has slowly increased and my confidence in a positive outcome has increased along with it.

I’ve never had such personal support through anything like this before. I felt that I had faced my “inner demons” and didn’t need to experience deep emotional awareness.  It turned out that I had acknowledged the existence of deep emotional issues but hadn’t had the tools to address them directly. Those new tools, particularly EFT are helping me with a healing path that reaches past acknowledgment. I’m beginning to see that my awareness of my own patterns is also helping me to a better awareness of other people in those “transitional” states.

This is bringing me a more peaceful state of mind. I am beginning to feel more optimistic and am engaging more in positive behavior such as as physical exercise, healthier eating patterns, even paying attention to emotional reactions, which frankly, I’m not terribly fond of.

I’m still in an early stage of ascertaining what I really want from my retirement years and even taking some tentative, exploratory steps towards it.

Meanwhile I am experiencing less stress in my personal and familial relationships. I hadn’t been aware that I’d begun avoiding loved ones because of my inner dis-ease! People in my life have noticed that I’ve begun to emerge from an inner fugue state.

I see that the individual work Alana does with each of us has a very high value. Just like our individual physical compositions determine much about us, attention paid to our individuality can strengthen our paths forward.”

~ Carol Vinson
Retired Restaurateur ~ Traveler
Ashland ~ Oregon

“From our first call Alana totally blew me away with her insight. She noted things in what I was saying that I never would have picked up myself. Before I started working with her, I had isolated myself by diving too deeply into studying. I was missing out on the joys of human connection; putting it off until later but feeling the lack.

Alana really opened my eyes to the ways I was trying to control the uncontrollable, and she gave me some tools to try to let that go. She also showed me how I had conflicting desires that were causing me to push people away, even though I really want them in my life.

Since working with Alana I am reaching out more and reconnecting with friends, old and new. I am feeling reconnected, plugged back in, and eager to share. I am collaborating on projects, socializing, and even dancing! I feel like I have been released from my (self-imposed) cage and am loving the freedom.

Alana made me feel comfortable and safe from the very beginning. I trust her to guide me to my best solutions and to challenge me when I need it. She is like the sister who is not afraid to call you on your stuff. We could all use a sister like that.”

~ Monica Vela
Dancer ~ Coach ~ Human Sparkler
Brooklyn ~ New York

“I was having trouble moving past emotional blocks and truly loving and supporting myself. I have had tons of training and done lots of personal growth work in the past, but I still needed some tools and support moving past my history of deeper programs and fears.

I wanted to take my health, my relationships, and my business to a healthier, more vibrant place.

Alana has a gift for understanding the nuances and deeper issues in a given situation, and not letting us get caught up in the “story”. She recognizes patterns, and helps her clients notice them, embrace them, and move past them, all with compassion. I feel safe with her, and very understood.

Coaches and people in general tend to see things through their own filters, and often we have a goal in mind based on the work we are “promoting”. I feel like Alana uses the tools and allows her clients to experience the effects with less judgement of the perceived or desired outcome.

When I have worked with other coaches or even therapists, I felt pressure that I would disappoint them. Alana seems to notice the patterns and bigger picture that most people can not pick up on or point out. I find this very helpful, as it allows for not only deeper awareness, but a broader perspective on what is going on and the progress that is being made as well. The deeper layers and blocks can then be recognized and it has helped me notice more, work through more, and accept and celebrate the bigger picture.

My work with Alana has definitely given me more confidence and most importantly, a recognition and appreciation of my strengths.  Our work together has planted seeds of self love and strengthened my relationship with myself. I always knew I had traits that I admired, but still had an underlying feeling of unworthiness and self doubt.

This is difficult to explain in words, but the work with Alana has given me a vision of my best self and a relationship with that part of me that will help me become her more often, and will help me help others.  I have come to realize that sometimes the things that I thought were my strengths, have really been coping mechanisms that don’t serve me anymore, and other qualities that I have and thought were weaknesses, I have come to appreciate as strengths. This is an extremely important and meaningful shift in self awareness and self love.

My work with Alana has had a direct impact on keeping our family intact and moving toward a healthier, and more loving dynamic. My husband and I were considering divorce after years and years of difficulty, but have decided to stay together and make it work. We just returned from a week long road trip with the kids, and I noticed so many times how the old patterns would present themselves, and then we were able to shift the interaction and outcome.

We would never have been able to have the awareness and dialogue that was possible, as I was not aware before of how my triggers were not always related to the incidences at hand, and how I could use the situation to respond differently and grow.

Our work together allows me to see things differently, and gives me tools to handle the difficulties better. My family has noticed that I am calmer, and less stressed by “little things”. I am still affected by chaotic situations, but they have noticed that I handle them better. They have noticed that the support I receive from Alana and our work together is beneficial to the whole family. I seem to recover quickly from setbacks.

Alana is an amazing coach. She really is gifted at absorbing information and turning it into a powerful and effective tapping script. On the spot! I’m just so grateful to have found her, and feel honored to work with her.

She has the whole package; a compassionate, kind heart, a big brain with a talent like no one I’ve seen for grasping information and putting it into an easy to assimilate tapping script or awareness, a sincerity and sensitivity, a sense of humor and fun, beautiful wisdom, good boundaries, and a passion and talent for helping people help themselves.”

~ Robin Waters
Health Coach ~ Mother/Wife ~ Queen
Calgary ~ Alberta


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