All the medicine is already within you.” ~ Wailana Geisen

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Wailana Geisen
Ssn1Ep10 ~ How She Found Her Purpose And Method For Healing Others

Have you ever felt like your heart would burst because you knew, you just KNEW, there was a reason for your existence . . . you knew you had much to give . . . yet you wondered what it was you were supposed to be giving?

Did you feel lost, lonely, and a bit like a loser because you couldn’t figure it out?

In this episode, Wailana Geisen shares her ‘Heroes Journey’ story - she describes feeling exactly as described above, and how she made her way to the other side where she’s able to offer profound healing opportunities to others through sound.

As you listen, you’ll hear more about:

- Why she gave up singing, the thing she thought she was supposed to do

- Why she spent a month in isolation

- How she found her own voice after imitating others’ for years

- What sound healing is and how it works to generate effortless balancing in your body

- Some of the profound transformation she’s witnessed others experience through sound healing

- Her experience with, and opinion of, emotions

- The most common emotion showing in women she works with and what the emotion tells her about their needs for healing

- Her current practices for maintaining her energy, focus, and personal growth

- How she handles new life challenges

- How to know your purpose to be able to live your true life mission

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Useful Resources:

~ Deya Dova – the singer Wailana mentions -

~ Women, join our free community, the Intentional Health Lab, where we engage in specific practices related to each podcast topic and expand the conversation in a more intimate setting:

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