It’s our responsibility to show our next generation just how important it is to love their bodies and eat in a way that’s nourishing.”     ~ Jenn Hand

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Jenn Hand
Ssn1Ep11 ~ Teaching Kids Food Freedom And Body Love

Food obsession. Body shame. A culture of dieting.

Do you ever wonder how to protect the next generation from experiencing these heavy topics the same way you did?

Nutritionist, Jenn Hand, joins me on this episode of the Radiant Powerful You podcast sharing her personal story in the binge and diet cycle and how she recovered.

Beyond that, though, she shares with us her most recent offering - a program to guide us to impact future generations to help them love their bodies and have a healthy relationship with food.

We discuss why this is so important and Jenn shares the specifics of the program. Whether or not it’s a fit for you, Jenn also gives very tangible practices you can begin implementing with young people in your life to be a positive force in their lives with regard to their relationship with food and with themselves.

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Jenn Hand is a nutritionist and Duke University trained health coach. It’s her life’s work to teach others how to free themselves from the shackles of food obsession, a lifetime of dieting, and body hatred.

She spent over 13 years living in a diet prison, obsessing over every morsel that went into her mouth. She hated her body, despised her reflection, and spent every waking moment thinking about how she could “fix” her body.

For the last 5 years, she’s worked with hundreds of women to feel “normal” around food and to make peace with their bodies. Along the way, she received question after question that sounded like:  How do I teach my kids this so they don’t struggle?

The Future Generation Impact program is her solution.

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