"The biggest grief we can experience is love unexpressed." - Veronika McKee

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Veronika McKee
Ssn1Ep5 ~ Recovering From The Deepest Grief

Have you experienced unimaginable loss and wondered if, or how, you would recover?

Or, does the fear of loss grip you tightly, leaving you questioning what you would do if you did experience devastating loss?

Veronika McKee shares her journey through one of the most unimaginable losses, the loss of a child. Her message is one of raw vulnerability, authenticity, and strength. 

In this episode, Veronika shares:

  • Her steps through loss and grief to heal back to joy
  • How she helped her three living sons navigate the loss of their newborn brother
  • How completely messy, and beautiful, healing can be
  • How the people in her life supported her best (ever wonder what to say to someone who is grieving?)

Veronika offers each of us a gift, helping us tap into emotions we have buried for quite some time. Grab your tissues and a notebook if you like to journal. Veronika shares her story powerfully, and as you listen, it's an opportunity for you to honor yours.

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Veronica McKee works with those who are dedicated to serving others powerfully while creating a life of freedom, happiness, and success measured in their own terms. She supports adults and youth in understanding how they powerfully write their own script, leading them back to, or towards, pure joy.

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Useful Resources:

~ Connect with Veronika here:  https://www.facebook.com/veronika.mckee

~ Women, join our free community, the Intentional Health Lab, where we engage in specific practices related to each podcast topic and expand the conversation in a more intimate setting: https://www.facebook.com/groups/intentionalhealthlab/

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