Our sexual energy is connected to our creativity, and our creativity is the way we express.” ~ Caramie Baker

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Caramie Baker
Ssn1Ep7 ~ Freedom: In Sexuality, To Live Fully Expressed, And To Be Your Authentic Self

Growing up in a polygamist Mormon background, Caramie Baker learned much about how she was supposed to behave as a young girl and the taboo nature of sexuality. There was little freedom for her own self-expression.

In this episode, she shares with us her journey from finding herself in a void of emptiness, living dutifully as wife and mother, to  finding and following her bliss as a powerful, independent woman (who is also a wife and mother).

We cover a lot in a brief amount of time, including:

~ What she had to do when she realized her worth was wrapped up in her husband and her kids (she calls it being stuck in the pattern of choosing someone else’s bliss)

~ What she does to feel confidence and at peace

~ Why she and her husband establish specific challenges for their marriage (at the time of this recording, they- intentionally- weren’t speaking to each other)

~ The best tool for self-expression and healing your body (and how to use this in a specific practice)

~ How she talks about sex with her 14-year-old daughter

~ Her litmus test for building her business and knowing how she could truly serve others

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Caramie Baker is a lover, a mother, and a passionate creator.

She creates intuitively inspired programs for a healthy, wealthy, happy life by simplifying the process so you can enjoy your journey!

She’s worked with women for the past 6 years to embody and embrace their sexuality and with couples to create the relationship of their dreams.

She is currently growing a vision within her that will shift the trajectory of wisdom around the world and help our children and ourselves succeed beyond what we thought was possible.

She feels massively blessed to be living this life with her love, Levi, by her side to celebrate each step and support their highest dreams. Together, they get the honor of being parents to three powerful children that, they say, make life engagingly fun!

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