Letter From Stephanie

Potential Intentional Clients,

Here's how my story goes.

I awoke one day in January 2016 to find my body covered in huge hives, that were quickly spreading, and headed for my eyes.  I made a quick visit to the ER, and they gave me a shot, lots of meds, a prescription for an expensive EpiPen and sent me away. They had no idea what might have caused this rash. I took the meds as directed and things seemed to clear up, but exactly one week later, I was right back at the same ER with the same condition.  More shots, more meds, and a recommendation to find an allergist.

Allergist, sweet as can be, gave me more meds and pondered what it might be.  Each time I would begin lowering the quantity of drugs I was intaking, here would come this rash, these hives, often the size of dinner plates.

There was no place on my body not covered. From my scalp to the bottom of my feet, it would crawl over me. I consulted with my daughter-in-law as she is a PharmD (has her PHD in pharmacy).  She named the condition, and told me it could be thyroid related and named the drug that has been very effective. I continued going to the allergist, but again, each time I would try to minimize the drugs, as directed . . . back would come this rash.

In the middle of all  this, I found the Intentional Living Project, thru a friend.  I joined the first workshop, ironically named, "What the heck is wrong with my body and why won't it heal?"  I very quickly bonded with Alana and the small network of women from across the country. I so enjoyed the experience, I signed up for the six week workshop and as part of that workshop, we were asked to send in hair sample for testing.  RESULTS . . . you guessed it, my thyroid, sluggish.

Back to my spots!  The allergist, who had copies of all my blood work, recommended I have a very comprehensive (and expensive) blood work analysis and sent me off to the lab. As soon as results were in, she suggested I see someone about my Thyroid, as those numbers were elevated.

Please know that for years I would ask my doctors about my Thyroid and they would show me the blood test and say, "normal".  Additionally, I always got the usual response, "Well, you're pre-menopausal.  Well, you're menopausal.  Well, you're post menopausal.  Well, you're getting old, and my favorite . . . are you stressed about something?   The additional more comprehensive blood work gave a true read on my thyroid.

I'm off to the endocrinologist.  He was not interested in my daughter-in-laws "suggested diagnosis", he was not interested in Alana's mineral testing from my hair sample.  He actually said, "if your daughter-in-law thinks this is Hashimoto's disease, she's wrong".  I dutifully said, "Okay, I'll relay this to her as I'm sure she'll ask me what you thought."  He sent me away and told me to come back in 6 months and he'd re-run the blood work. I left.

Yes, all the while,  I'm still taking the workshop with Alana and I'm learning so much about myself and finding my voice (which I never really thought I had a problem speaking up for myself), and being responsible for my own healing.  You see, we all have the responsibility of managing our health; Working with the doctors, questioning, researching, changing doctors if need be, living healthy.

I never went back to that "specialist".  Instead, I went back to my family doctor and told her my research indicates a Thyroid condition.  I told her I was not trying to have a disease, I was not trying to be sick, but we either needed to confirm this condition, or search for another solution. All roads were leading to my thyroid;  Alana's mineral testing, my daughter-in-laws experience and education, my research, and "gut feeling". Please know I had every single symptom related to a thyroid condition. It's like they wrote the medical journal about me.

Currently, I'm still in the middle of the workshops, feeling stronger and in more control of my health and my body and my voice.

Diagnosis finally in recently . . . Hashimoto's disease . . . my daughter-in-law diagnosed it over the cell phone texts and pictures and blood work I sent her. She even named the drug I should consider.   Alana pointed me into that direction, with suggestions for re-assembling my eating habits, paying attention minerals, and even adjusting the time of day I ingested specific nutrients. But I had to wait a full year for the medical profession to circle around to the exact same conclusion.

Folks, if you have but one morning to spend with Alana and listen to her suggestions and experience, you will quickly begin feeling better.

Each Saturday morning I felt stronger and stronger . . . all the while I was covered in spots! But I knew I was in control and I would get to the bottom of this.

Alana, thank you for my voice, your ideas, your guidance, and for reminding me I AM IN CONTROL OF MY BODY AND ANY HEALING THAT NEEDS TO TAKE PLACE.

Love to you and all the ladies who were part of my original workshop.

- Stephanie G.
Spot Free
Tampa Florida



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