5 Common Symptoms You May Be Dismissing… and Shouldn’t

“I’m just getting older.”

It’s become the go-to explanation when we experience aggravating symptoms- you know the ones that aren’t so severe they warrant immediate medical attention… they just seem a nuisance?

This (unhelpful) explanation is preventing so many from addressing underlying imbalances while they’re still simply mere aggravations. Instead, most wait until those measly imbalances turn into chronic problems… that then can be diagnosed and medicated… or surgically removed.

There are five common occurrences I hear dismissed as a part of the aging process, that in truth, are really the body’s way of communicating about underlying imbalances… trying to call our attention to address them BEFORE they become a serious problem.

They are:

  1. FOOD SENSITIVITIES (not tolerating food you used to enjoy)

Food sensitivities develop over time. This is NOT an indication your body no longer tolerates that food. Sure, your body may need a break from that food while deeper healing takes place. And, it should not be a life sentence. 

Dairy and gluten seem the biggest offenders these days. They both point to powerful healing opportunities in your body. You may choose to restrict both the rest of your life for personal reasons… and it’s also important to know that restricting them as a means to ‘feel good’ is also dismissing the underlying imbalance they highlight.

Truth is, you should be able to enjoy an ice cream cone, or a slice of pizza, once in a while, if you want to.

  1. INTOLERANCE of CAFFEINE AND ALCOHOL (when you used to tolerate it just fine)

“I can’t drink like I used to”… “my coffee gives me acid reflux”. I frequently hear these comments. Quickly followed by the explanation that it’s part of the aging process.

It’s not. It’s a part of dysfunction in your body that has accumulated over time.

There is a difference. Because if it was a part of the aging process, it would be true for everyone.

It’s not.

Now this isn’t to say you should continue trying to drink like you used to just because you ‘should be able to’. Your body probably needs a break. Same with your coffee.

And the truth is, with internal balance, you should also be able to enjoy a drink from time to time, or enjoy your morning coffee, without it backfiring on you.


Brown spots. Rash. Acne. Dryness. Unidentified bumps. All typically explained by aging.

 You’re starting to get the point at this point, I bet.


“I toss and turn all night.”
“I HAVE to pee several times a night.”
“I just started waking up earlier and earlier.”
“Lately, it’s been difficult to get to sleep.”

Same goes.


My biggest pet peeve… explaining a lack of energy by blaming age. I’ve covered this one in detail HERE.

These 5 common symptoms are often dismissed because we blame age.  It’s tempting to believe whatever we’re experiencing is due to age, which also means it’s our new normal. It’s end of the line… ‘just the way it is’.

If we dismiss these signals from our body, we miss the opportunity to
promote internal balance and restore vibrant health.

If you experience any of these symptoms, your body is communicating to you. There is internal imbalance in your mineral system - the system that fuels every function in your body. Even if you believe you’ve tried it all, when you restore balance to your mineral system, you provide the environment for your body to restore healthy function everywhere else - for your digestion, for adrenal and thyroid function, for hormone balance, in your liver and kidneys, in your muscles and bones, and for a high-powered immune system.

When you’re ready to impact your health at the deepest level possible, schedule a call right HERE to get your specific questions answered and to find out what balancing your mineral system can do for you.


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