Maybe tomorrow will be different.

You may not hit snooze. You may run five miles. Meditate. Make a dent in your New Years resolutions. Check more off your to-do list, go on a date, or at least not fight with the one date wholl tolerate your mood swings.

You never know. It might be different. 

Then again, its stayed the same so far. No matter what you do, despite your best intentions. 

Our intention is to give you the freedom to make tomorrow different. 

To make your bed. Have time for breakfast. Know where the keys and the kids are. 

And then, through a string of good tomorrows, give you the freedom to create. Make your life what you choose. Live the way youve always intended to.

This is Intentional Health for Women. We go beyond the same-old approach to health because you've already tried that before. A few times. Our commitment is to doing health different. 

 It's really nice to have you here.



Before working with Alana, my energy was all over the place and so sporadic! I have maintained a high energy level, I no longer have to sleep for an entire day after following my busy week, I can keep up with my kids, and I feel great! I have been able to start eating healthier and people at work keep saying, "You look so happy!""

~ Vanessa
Mother ~ Woman's Coach ~ Nurse ~ Wife
Saskatoon ~ Saskatchewan


I was believing that all was lost… this integration of all the elements to weight loss needed to fit together in a way that was fun and not a chore."

~ Lynette
Coach ~ Awareness Creator
Oxford ~ Connecticut


I feel like I have been released from my
self-imposed cage and am loving the freedom."

~ Monica
Life Lover ~ Self Healer ~ Swashbuckler
Dancer ~ Coach ~ Human Sparkler
Brooklyn ~ New York


I saw what was driving my eating and self-image issues and was able to put them to bed. This has made it possible to change my habits from a place of body love, instead of body shame."

~ H.S. Wylde
Coach ~ Speaker ~ Life Enthusiast
Atlanta ~ Georgia


My experience with Alana has been like none other. She never settles for one size fits all approaches. She constantly pursues furthering her education and practice to serve each client individually. Working with Alana only a few times has given me more information and guidance than years of work with doctors and counselors."

~ Galynn
High School Dean ~ New Mother ~ Adventurer
Fort Collins ~ Colorado


I'm loving this magic, what is this sorcery? It's curbing my cravings without me trying. This is a huge difference."

~ Katrein
Mother ~ Partner ~ Following The Scenic Route
Calgary ~ Alberta

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