Radiant Powerful You
Group Program

Are you exhausted? Inflamed? Achy?

Do you, most often, feel uncomfortable in your body?

Does your weight fluctuate, or only increase, when you do most things right?

Perhaps you think of yourself as diligent. Dedicated. Working hard to find solutions for your health. 


And guess what – you are! Not to mention, you’re not naïve. You’ve always known you couldn’t do it alone.

So, you relied on them - the professionals. 

Traditional doctors. 

Functional medicine doctors. 


Alternative health practitioners. 

All. The. Experts.

You followed their recommendations. You asked questions. You trusted their expertise. You let yourself get your hopes up… one more time.

With all your effort, still, something is missing. Something is not quite right. And because of it, you continue to search for answers. To get the guidance you really need. You continue to jump from one practitioner to another. One philosophy to another. You even follow the health forums diligently… hoping you’ll find the missing piece somewhere out there.

All the while… you’re really wanting (and needing) results. You need to understand WHAT you’re doing for your health… WHY you’re doing it… and you need to feel - with certainty - HOW everything you’re doing is positively impacting your health, right NOW.

You are my favorite kind of woman. Because, even after all you’ve been through,  you’re still willing to:

  • Listen to your body even though you’ve been dismissed by medical professionals telling you “everything is fine”
  • Trust your intuition that there IS a solution for you
  • Believe in your body’s ability to heal, naturally
  • Explore every angle of health to get the results you really crave
  • Accept the truth that you can’t do it alone

I’m guessing this will come as no big surprise… you’re not like most women.

All too often, women dismiss their own experience- making everyONE and everyTHING a priority before their own physical health needs. While it seems they’re only GIVING… the truth is… these women end up draining others around them… DEPLETING their relationships… leaving these women reeling in self-loathing and feeling completely alone.

I’m not thrilled to admit that I relate to the women I just described.

For years, I was full of doubt, fear, and confusion about my body. I was embarrassed and I was struggling with my health. So, other than the professionals I reached out to, I didn’t have much support or the right people around me. I learned those are two essential aspects of healing that just aren’t discussed amongst medical professionals.

When my husband told a friend it was difficult to have a ‘depressed wife’, I was at first infuriated. I knew I wasn’t experiencing depression… which I tried to explain to him, but he couldn’t ‘get it’. At the same time, I promised myself I would figure out what was causing me to struggle so much.

Want to know what I discovered? 

Not only did I need new information about my body chemistry, I needed the guidance of a professional that really understood what I was going through. And I needed to be immersed in a group of women that could go beyond giving me advice. I needed to know they could understand- that they could SEE and HEAR me.

See, when you find the right women who create a safe container for you by lifting you UP, you experience the missing piece you couldn’t find with other health professionals… and you finally get to transform your health with clarity and confidence.


You’ve suffered enough!

Isn’t it about time you get the answers you’ve been searching for and the community that will relentlessly champion your success?

When you’re ready, you’re ready-and I believe that you are.

But don’t take my word for it, let’s see if you’re really ready.

Do you: 

  • Struggle with your energy… and have for quite some time?
  • Feel older than you think you should?
  • Stay home, in isolation, because you’re too exhausted to go out or because you hate the way you look?
  • Suffer in silence because no one really understands what you’re going through?
  • Do everything right… concentrating on what you eat and making sure you get some exercise… yet nothing seems to help?
  • Feel held back in life because of your health, body, energy level, or weight?
  • Jump from program to program hoping something will finally work?

You need to know!

Struggling with your health and energy is not your fault.

 It’s not about your flailing willpower. 

And it’s not all in your head.

Are you ready?

Over the course of the 8 modules that make up the Radiant Powerful You group program, you’ll be guided to:

    • Reactivate your body’s ability to heal naturally so you can leave the maddening online searches and frustrating office visits in the dust
    • Restore your metabolic power so you can feel energized all day- from the moment you wake up until your head hits the pillow at night
    • Release the grip of stress and overwhelm to shift from feeling frantic and frazzled to calm, confident, and in control
    • Realize the role emotions play in draining your energy and transform them into a power source instead
    • Reclaim Vibrant Health with ease, even when you’ve tried it all before


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