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Apr 27, 2020

Every day I speak with women who are trapped in fear, doubt, and confusion about their health.

They’re exhausted.
Feel older than they should.
They’re puffy and inflamed.
Can’t seem to eat most foods they used to enjoy.
They’re haunted by headaches.
Wonder if they have a serious illness that’s been left undiagnosed.

… and it light of it all, they’re still pushing themselves to keep up with life and continue taking care of everyone and everything else.

These conversations break my heart because it DOES NOT need to be this way.

There are simple answers and practical solutions. Yet these concepts are being missed every day in the medical and health industry.

Which doesn’t lead to just one big mistake… it leads to 5. 

Here they are - the 5 Mistakes Medical and Health Professionals Make That Impact Your Health Every Day:

#1- Separating the Systems

We’ve been taught the digestive system operates independent of the...

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Vibrant Health - How do you score?

Apr 13, 2020

Vitality is the energy your body has to fuel every physical, intellectual, and mental activity (at the cellular level).

Vital energy allows us to radiate with vibrant health.

Take this brief quiz to see how you score with the top indicators that let you know your body is moving toward vibrant health.

Check all that apply:

  1. An average body temperature above 97.8F/ 36.3C
  2. Feeling refreshed and energized upon waking
  3. Ample energy mid-day
  4. Ample energy in the evening
  5. Ability to fall asleep easily at night
  6. Easily go back to sleep if waking in middle of night
  7. 3 well-formed bowel movements per day
  8. Absence of constipation (so rare it doesn't register in your memory)
  9. Absence of diarrhea (so rare it doesn't register in your memory)
  10. Urinating every 3-4 hours, not every 1-2
  11. Desirable weight that is easily maintained
  12. Ability to enjoy food without monitoring calories (while maintaining weight)
  13. Ability to handle emotional stress without feeling rattled or unsettled
  14. Infrequent exposure to heavy metals...
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Mineral Balance Checklist

Mar 30, 2020

In case it all seems a little foggy now… remember minerals are the ‘sparkplugs’ of the body.

And it’s the interaction between minerals and your cells that determines your level of ENERGY!

When we bring our mineral levels into balance, we create boundless energy and the environment in which our body can heal itself naturally. That idea - the idea the body can repair itself naturally - may sound incomprehensible or impossible. It’s not. Here’s one of my favorite statements a client made:

It feels like my body is starting to heal after years of illness.”  - Jenn Olson

This is AFTER she came off thyroid medication and started a mineral balancing program!

So how do you know if you’re struggling with mineral imbalance? The truth is, if you’re struggling with low energy or other aggravating symptoms, you can bet mineral imbalance is at the heart of it all.

And just to give you an idea, I’m including access to a...

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Welcome! A few things to know about this Intentional Health Community (and me):

Mar 23, 2020
  • I do not believe scare tactics serve our journey to vibrant health (i.e. ‘beware of this dangerous food’ or ‘avoid these common practices that are making you fat’). In fact, I believe these scare tactics are keeping many women confused and frozen - disconnected from their intuition and ability to listen to their bodies.

    I like to focus on what works… and the truth is, that is very different for each of us. So you’ll, frequently, hear me lovingly guide women back to their inner wisdom to make important decisions about THEIR health. No, this process is not automatic. You should NOT  ‘just know’ how to do it. We use a specific system, of course.

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and the mineral balancing process changed my life. It’s a little known tool that is widely misunderstood by the traditional medical community. It’s complex. And comprehensive. It allows me to confidently say THERE IS a different way to understand the...
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5 Common Symptoms You May Be Dismissing… and Shouldn’t

Mar 16, 2020

“I’m just getting older.”

It’s become the go-to explanation when we experience aggravating symptoms- you know the ones that aren’t so severe they warrant immediate medical attention… they just seem a nuisance?

This (unhelpful) explanation is preventing so many from addressing underlying imbalances while they’re still simply mere aggravations. Instead, most wait until those measly imbalances turn into chronic problems… that then can be diagnosed and medicated… or surgically removed.

There are five common occurrences I hear dismissed as a part of the aging process, that in truth, are really the body’s way of communicating about underlying imbalances… trying to call our attention to address them BEFORE they become a serious problem.

They are:

  1. FOOD SENSITIVITIES (not tolerating food you used to enjoy)

Food sensitivities develop over time. This is NOT an indication your body no longer tolerates that food....

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Shrinking The Judge

Mar 09, 2020

Recently, I posted publicly about my health journey and experience with fatigue (check it out and give me a WHOOP WHOOP in the comments if it applies to you).

Following this post, a woman reached out sharing some of her story:

When I hear the words- “you’re over 40 now”, “you have 3 children”, “this is natural aging”- from doctors... it’s infuriating. I want to scream from the rooftops and get in the boxing ring with professionals that say these things to me. I also get frustrated with words from well meaning experts such as, “you sound depressed”, “you’re trying to do too much”, or “you’re labs are fine. Maybe counseling or anxiety meds will help.” Grrr!!!!! 

... then she asked an important question:

What’s working for you? It’s not very often I hear a mom of two in her 40’s say she has more energy than ever before! I love, love, love to hear...

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The Tricky Thing About Energy and Fatigue

Mar 02, 2020

I can’t stop thinking about this.

I recently ran a survey of our Intentional Health community. Over 70% of respondents indicated they had been on a health journey for a DECADE or more (40% of them indicating they had been on a health journey MOST of their life).

Call me crazy... and isn’t the point of addressing health issues to find a solution that works and get on with the more important and interesting elements of life?

I’ve long-held a belief that was affirmed after this survey:

The endless quest for understanding health
- and trying to find the ‘fix’ that will work-
is actually causing more health problems.

And the #1 negative impact that results?


I guess it makes sense that over 70% of survey respondents also indicated they need help with fatigue and exhaustion (naturally... it’s energy draining to be on a health journey that long).

But here’s the thing.

Most women that experience fatigue or exhaustion now... also think back...

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The Problem with Scientific Research (as a guide to your health)

Feb 10, 2020

If you feel confused about what to do... and what to eat... and what to believe... and where to turn... for your health, there’s very good reason.

I was listening to two prominent health practitioners (a Naturopath and a Functional Medicine Doctor) on a podcast over the weekend. As I imagined the multitudes of other listeners - and what they would take away from the conversation as advice - 

I was delighted (great to have such quality information being shared) 

and horrified (ineffective to have so much assumption lumped into their ‘scientific findings’).

These two professionals, 

self-proclaimed scientific researchers who profess to debunk ‘all of the pseudoscience’ in the health industry, 

spent equal time highlighting the results of their meta-analyses regarding certain topics in health 

while speaking in vague generalities about other topics (topics they apparently hadn’t studied yet but seemed to have developed...

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