Vibrant Health - How do you score?

Vitality is the energy your body has to fuel every physical, intellectual, and mental activity (at the cellular level).

Vital energy allows us to radiate with vibrant health.

Take this brief quiz to see how you score with the top indicators that let you know your body is moving toward vibrant health.

Check all that apply:

  1. An average body temperature above 97.8F/ 36.3C
  2. Feeling refreshed and energized upon waking
  3. Ample energy mid-day
  4. Ample energy in the evening
  5. Ability to fall asleep easily at night
  6. Easily go back to sleep if waking in middle of night
  7. 3 well-formed bowel movements per day
  8. Absence of constipation (so rare it doesn't register in your memory)
  9. Absence of diarrhea (so rare it doesn't register in your memory)
  10. Urinating every 3-4 hours, not every 1-2
  11. Desirable weight that is easily maintained
  12. Ability to enjoy food without monitoring calories (while maintaining weight)
  13. Ability to handle emotional stress without feeling rattled or unsettled
  14. Infrequent exposure to heavy metals and toxins (water source, home cleaning products, beauty products, environmental circumstance, consistent intake of conventional food)
  15. Heart rate consistently above 75 beats per minute (upon waking)
  16. Soft, shiny, full hair
  17. Skin that is soft and supple
  18. Hands, feet, and nose feel warm throughout the day and night
  19. Consistent, stable, and upbeat mood
  20. Ability to manage a busy schedule without overwhelm
  21. Generally feeling  good ABOUT your body (can see reflection in mirror, photo of self, or get dressed without harsh criticism)
  22. Generally feeling good IN your body (feel loose, flexible, able to breathe a full breath, able to stay present in body)
  23. You embody sexual vitality (playful, feeling attractive, desirable, and alive with a natural desire for sex)

At this point, it would be common for me to provide a little scale… “If you scored 0-5 it means this… and if you scored 20-23 it means that…”

As you know, your unique health is FAR from black and white, FAR from quantifiable by a list of health indicators.

So rather than trying to SCORE your health right now, instead, check with how you FEEL as you read each of these items.  If you’re willing to pay attention, and be honest with yourself, what does your score mean to you?

When I could check off less than 5 of these items, it felt hopeless- this awful score meant I was doomed to fatigue, frustration, and frigidity the rest of my life. I thought I had tried it all for my health. I had been dedicated to healthy living for a long time, and couldn’t understand why I was so bottomed out.

What I learned, later, was that my bad ‘score’, was not an indicator of the way the rest of my life would be… it was simply a list of the ways my body was communicating to me about underlying needs DESPERATELY needing to be addressed.

Overtime, it was fun to watch to be able to check off one, then a few, then many more indicators on this list.

I don’t know what your score means to you… and here’s what I do know:

  • It does not matter your age, your circumstance, or your current level of health- you CAN address the underlying needs in your body and transform your experience in life.
  • These frustrating symptoms are not your fault and they’re not all in your head- so if you’ve been blaming yourself or beating yourself up- STOP IT ;-)  … and reach out for a little help.
  • The solution is not in another canned program. You need individualized information about your body at the cellular level and a tailor-made plan to meet your specific needs.

I promise you (and I rarely make promises), there IS hope.

If you’re ready to get off the maddening hamster wheel of ‘repeating the same old thing expecting new results’, I invite you to hop on a call with me so we can see if, and how, I can help. Select a time that works for you HERE.


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