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Every day I speak with women who are trapped in fear, doubt, and confusion about their health.

They’re exhausted.
Feel older than they should.
They’re puffy and inflamed.
Can’t seem to eat most foods they used to enjoy.
They’re haunted by headaches.
Wonder if they have a serious illness that’s been left undiagnosed.

… and it light of it all, they’re still pushing themselves to keep up with life and continue taking care of everyone and everything else.

These conversations break my heart because it DOES NOT need to be this way.

There are simple answers and practical solutions. Yet these concepts are being missed every day in the medical and health industry.

Which doesn’t lead to just one big mistake… it leads to 5. 

Here they are - the 5 Mistakes Medical and Health Professionals Make That Impact Your Health Every Day:

#1- Separating the Systems

We’ve been taught the digestive system operates independent of the immune system... operates independent of the cardiovascular system... operates independent of the endocrine system. So, we’re often guided to treat issues within each system as such - an individual problem within the individual system. But nothing could be further from the truth. Our body is one, unified system… and must be assessed, and addressed with this in mind.

i.e. Heartburn is often thought of as an issue within the digestive system and is treated with an antacid. But that’s really just a band aid to a deeper issue. Rarely is the endocrine (hormones) system considered in this case… yet it should be.

#2- Believing in One Size Fits All Approaches

When the diagnose-and-treat method mentioned above doesn’t work, some health practitioners opt for the ‘canned program’ method. They write a book based on ‘scientific findings’ and offer it to the masses. And when it doesn’t work for an individual woman, she’s often told she just didn’t follow the program to a T… so it’s her fault. This approach fails to acknowledge that each body is truly different and needs to be addressed as such.

#3- Promoting Rapid Results

We all love quick results - it can be motivating! Yet when rapid results are promoted as the ‘cure’, it’s problematic. It generally takes decades to get into the state of imbalance causing so many symptoms, true healing takes time. Nothing wrong with scoring quick results to keep your head in the game, as long as there is ALSO a plan for deeper healing you can trust will last long-term.

#4- Being Tied to One Medication, One Line of Products, or One Specific Supplement

It creates EASE and INCOME for medical and health practitioners to align themselves with one medication, one line of product, or one specific supplement. Problem is, it also clouds a professional’s objectivity - failing to keep in mind the individual needs of each, individual patient. True healing requires an entirely individualized approach. 

#5- Dismissing the Nervous System Connection

The nervous system connects mind to body, and body to mind. This concept had been forgotten by main stream health until recently. Yet, when it comes to diagnosing the symptoms a woman experiences, this concept still seems pushed to the wayside, in trade for a more specific diagnosis. This is a HUGE mistake… because often it’s the pattern in the nervous system that is the root cause of the problem. If this concept gets dismissed, so does the root ‘cure’.

If you’d like to engage with a community of dynamic women, who really will understand what you’re going through… and you’d like to hear more about each of these mistakes at a deeper level, come join the Intentional Health Lab. We have one post with links to every element of this mini-series to help you dive in with ease.

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