Overwhelm Knockout


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Does it seem as though there’s never enough time in the day?

Is there always too much to do on your never ending list?

Is overwhelm robbing you of your energy, your ability to get things done, and of your presence with the people you love the most?

And how about this one…

Are you constantly listing all the things you should do to improve your health, or empower yourself with self-care, yet fail miserably at following through with them most days?

Most women are aware of a cajillion practices they could implement that would help them have more energy, heal their bodies, and feel more alive… yet they rarely find space in their overflowing days to focus on themselves.

Before you add one more thing to the list… 

and then beat yourself up for not following through… 

Before you keep doing more of the same, what you really need is to transform your relationship with overwhelm.

When you do, you have new clarity and freedom to create the space to do the things you really want to do, the things you know serve you well. And you find you’re able to implement with ease. It seems shocking, and magical perhaps, to witness yourself getting things done while feeling as though you have more time, and more space in your schedule.

Ahhhh! Can you imagine breathing easy through your day while reveling in confidence, knowing it’s all getting done (even while you take care of you)?

The Overwhelm Knockout is a process I used to get myself off the hamster wheel of list-making and list-failing. I used to lay in bed at night, thinking of all I needed to do the next day, trying to convince myself that tomorrow would be the day I’d actually follow through with the plan. I’d feel hopeful, yet wake up exhausted- already feeling disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to get it all done, yet again. 

Here’s the thing.

Overwhelm is an emotion.

It’s an internal experience. 

Ultimately, it was a signal I was disconnected from my inner wisdom and removed from trusting myself. (Whoa! What? I know… that’s a mouthful. And think about it for a minute. Doesn’t it just ring true?)

So, all the list creating, cheerleading, hoping, praying, and goading myself into action was NEVER going to help. 


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Not long-term, at least.

Actually, repeating the cycle over and over drained my energy, chipped away at my health, and left me feeling incompetent. 

I couldn’t keep doing the same thing expecting a different result, but there wasn’t anything out there that was helping me get a grip (all the things for productivity and peak performance only seemed to add to my already full list), so I created the Overwhelm Knockout.

It’s a step-by-step process to help you address the underlying emotion and shift your internal experience so you can reconnect with your inner GPS- the wisdom within you that knows exactly what needs to be done… and what needs to come off the list!

Are you willing to give yourself the gift of ease in your day?

As I implemented the Overwhelm Knockout, I couldn’t believe the things that were on my list that had NO BUSINESS being there… but I was convinced it was all stuff I had to do. I was shocked at the way my schedule opened up (like, seriously, thrown off for a while when I had time to do absolutely nothing and enjoy it!). And I was thrilled to finally have time to engage in the practices I knew I needed to implement in order to heal my body (which later became the Rituals in the book I found time to write!)

Truth be told, the Overwhelm Knockout was the very first step in my healing journey. I needed to create more inner space, so I could enjoy more space in my day. 

I invite you to join the Overwhelm Knockout Workshop right now.

→  We’ll walk through it together, in step-by-step fashion, doing the work in the moment, so you transform your relationship with overwhelm on the spot. 

→ This isn’t a lecture where you’ll get a bunch of information and ideas to implement later on. 

→ This is a hands-on, get-shit-done, kind of workshop where you’ll leave feeling lighter, more clear, more motivated, and more free than you have in quite some time.

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Game on?

The Overwhelm Knockout Workshop takes place LIVE, online. 

To best prepare:

→ Block out your schedule, 11am- 3pm, Saturday, August 29, 2020

→ Ensure you have a quiet, undisturbed space for the duration (I know! This can seem impossible, and the time you invest now will pay back dividends!)

→ Download and print the packet sent to you upon registration

→ Join the Overwhelm Knockout FB group to begin connecting with others who are equally ready to reclaim ease in their lives!

→ Breathe. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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