“By not deciding ... I have decided.
By not acting .... I have acted
Jacques Fournet

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Alana & Jacques Fournet
Ssn1Ep12 ~ When Making Decisions Stresses You Out

What happens when you’re faced with a big decision?

Or even a small one?

Or when making the decision involves more than just yourself?

My husband, Jacques Fournet, often found himself in a position where he, and his co-workers, needed to make significant decisions on behalf of the adolescents they were responsible for… out in the wilderness… almost a month at a time.

Jacques sought tools to guide his decision making so he could feel confident he was making the best decisions, keeping young people safe, while also giving youth the opportunity to transform through calculated risk.

The tools he learned and practiced are also effective for decisions you and I are faced with every day.

I bring this specific topic to you because we know how stressful decision making can be… and we know the impact stress can have on our health, wellbeing, and our bodies.

In this episode, Jacques will share with you three simple tools you can implement immediately to begin feeling more certain about the decisions you’re making while restoring your body to a natural healing state.

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Alana & Jacques Fournet

Jacques is a counselor, teacher, wilderness instructor, father, partner, and friend. In all of these positions, he has, or does, act as a sounding board to many who get stuck trying to figure things out or while they’re trying to make ‘good’ decisions.

In contrast, I used to struggle with decision making. I’d constantly take too long analyzing all the possibilities, defer to someone else, or make a decision then second guess myself. When we got married, I could feel paralyzed at times that I couldn’t make a decision that served both of us well. When Jacques introduced these tools to our marriage, it was a game changer. We had objective methods for weighing our options, choosing what was best, and moving forward with satisfaction that we had chosen well.

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