“Pain is a self-correcting, course correcting system.” – Jason Neff

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Jason Neff

Ssn1Ep2 ~ Healing Autoimmunity And Finding Freedom In A Life He Hated

What do you do when you’re stuck in the have-to’s of life… job, family, performance? 

And then begin battling an autoimmune condition to boot?

Jason Neff shares his journey through struggling with “The Invisible Condition” (autoimmunity) where he had no obvious injury, received the not-so-helpful advice to “just get over it”, and began numbing out to get his mind off the pain.

In this episode, Jason shares:

  • The medicines he found that actually worked to help him recover
  • The most counterintuitive, yet most profound and essential, element of recovery from autoimmune disease
  • How to get into Optimal Alignment
  • How he helped a patient with a rare autoimmune condition heal in a matter of days when medical treatment hadn’t worked for her for years
  • How emotions are related to specific organs in the body
  • How to use symptoms we experience as specific indicators for healing
  • His surprising belief about the role of food in healing
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Jason is an expert in teaching health practitioners  how to stay healthy and avoid emotional burnout.

He is no stranger to physical and emotional exhaustion. A high stress job in advertising robbed him of his health and vitality and left him with unknown auto-immune conditions.

His illness devastated his ability to function at work and at home. It was his experience using Chinese medicine in his recovery that led him to become the Chinese medicine specialist he is today.

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Useful Resources:

~ Connect with Jason: https://www.jasonlneff.com/

~ Jason on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/PLMJasonNeff/

~ Join Jason’s free meditation group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PrimelightwithJason/

~ Women, join our free community, the Intentional Health Lab, where we engage in specific practices related to each podcast topic and expand the conversation in a more intimate setting: https://www.facebook.com/groups/intentionalhealthlab/

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