Deb Ford
Ssn1Ep9 ~ How She Started Life Over At 45

As a child, feeling afraid of the world, Deb Ford was overly cautious. She describes it as living in her ‘Turtle Shell’ where she could peer out yet still be safe.

So how did this woman, who spent much of early life alone, become a powerful coach who enjoys her life, lives with joy and authentic connection, and lets herself be seen (even on FB live videos!)?

In this episode, Deb shares:

~ What it was like hiding behind her shell

~ How living in her shell led her into relationships where she’d be taken advantage of, including 2 difficult marriages

~ How she started her life over at 45

~ How different life is for her since ‘taking off her shell’

~ Why meditation has been so powerful for her and the people she guides today

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Deb Ford is a joy coach and meditation teacher.

She says life is a lot of FUN today, yet it wasn’t always that way. She didn’t always let herself shine or let her voice be heard.

Today, she teaches others the same tools she used to take off her ‘turtle shell’ and bury it forever.

Deb has demonstrated, and witnessed in her clients, that when you embody joy, love, and fun, everything else in life improves tenfold.

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