"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need."
~Ayurvedic Proverb

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Melissa Henig
Ssn2Ep3 ~ What to Eat for Energy (and other energizing lifestyle practices)

Would you consider eating raw meat . . . like raw beef, or chicken, or liver?

I had similar fears as most - "it's dangerous." 

And then I took a deep dive into a new way of understanding health when Covid hit. I needed to understand on a deeper level what was going on with viruses. And while I won't go into the story of how it all ties together, what I found myself fascinated with was the notion of consuming more raw, saturated fats . . . especially raw animal products.

Trying to incorporate more into our family's lifestyle sent me on the hunt for someone who had simplified the process, and honestly, who had created delicious recipes.

This led me to Melissa Henig.
In this episode, you'll hear her story:

- From raw vegan to raw paleo to the balanced diet she follows today 
- Why she incorporates raw foods (including raw meat) in her diet
- How she decreases symptoms, like bloating, with food
- How she released herself from any one extreme diet and found balance
- Some of her daily practices for energizing and maintaining vibrant health
- The thing that energizes her the most
- The role herbs play in her family's health and home products
- What she and her husband do when they get caught in a negative, de-energizing loop

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Melissa Henig

Melissa Henig is in love with plants, herbs, foraging, wildcrafting, health, primal nutrition, primitive skills, conscious parenting, nature therapy, barefoot walks, and a re-wilding lifestyle. She immerses herself on the local land that surrounds her daily, getting to know each and every living being in a deeper and more meaningful way.

She whole-heartedly believes in the healing power of herbs and whole raw animal foods. She works closely with nature and believes food and plants are medicine.  

She is a food educator, coaches folks virtually and creates and sells herbal handcrafted products. 

She started on her health journey over 12 years ago and wrote a book titled RAW PALEO.  Since writing the book she has evolved and expanded into herbalism, wild foods, and wildcrafting. And she has an online herb shop with small-batch, wild harvested herbal offerings to support and up level our health.

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Useful Resources:

~ Women, join our free community, Ignite Your Light, where we engage in specific practices related to each podcast topic and expand the conversation in a more intimate setting.

~ Connect with Melissa and purchase her incredible small-batch herbal products at https://melissahenig.com/ and follow her on instagram https://www.instagram.com/melissahenig

~ Melissa and Chris' video about positivity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzndxR5TB6s

~ Find raw butter from a source like this: https://www.clearviewvalleyfarm.com/.../raw-grass-fed-butter

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