"Your greatness can be witnessed by other people. It will not be accepted and respected until it is by yourself. At which point it is then undeniable."
~ Luke Grace

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Luke Grace
Ssn2Ep5 ~ Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energies

This conversation is mind bending. If you've struggled to understand others, your relationship . . . or most importantly, yourself, you'll need pen and paper in front of you for this one. 

In this episode of Radiant Powerful You, Luke Grace breaks down his unique model for understanding the masculine and feminine. Along the way, you'll hear:

- What to do when overcome by emotion

- The level beyond "give and take" for personal development (which also gives new opportunity for relationships to thrive)

- What's really going on if you feel as though you carry the weight of the world

- How to shift from victim energy to self-empowerment

- The ultimate feminine strength

- What fuels the masculine and feminine and how they show up in disempowerment

- Why men are actually okay being rejected when asking for sex, and women aren't

- The surprising ways men deplete women, and women deplete men (and what to do differently)

- How to make sense of the feminine and masculine within yourself

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Luke Grace

Luke is a transformational coach working online with no more than 5 clients at any time. Originally trained as a chiropractor, he moved into mental/emotional work studying psychology, shamanism, meditation and a great many other disciplines and techniques.

Luke works to uncover what is limiting an individual from their past and gets a raw and honest understanding of what their aims are for the future all to truly engage them in the present with a mental clarity and emotional freedom that facilitates the creation of the life they choose with the greatest ease possible.

Having only just moved online after nearly 10 years of clinical experience you can find the beginnings of his social media presence on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/lukegrace_/?hl=en), facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HolisticPerformaceSpecialist) and his website (lukegrace.com). The ‘by you, for you’ podcast is in development and will be on his website soon.
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