"We are all creators." ~ Tia Christiansen

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Tia Christiansen
Ssn2Ep6 ~ Accessing Your Intuition & Feminine Power 

Your intuition.

Feminine Power.

What do those phrases conjure in you?

I had never learned much about my intuition, and mostly believed I needed to turn to the experts anytime I needed guidance or advice. (Nothing wrong with the experts . . . it's just our intuition is so powerful in helping us decide which experts' input is useful for where we are at the moment.)

Likewise, the whole notion of feminine and masculine energy was a game changer for me when I was trying to recover from hormone ‘crisis’, ‘adrenal fatigue’, and leaky gut. I was so focused on all the things I could do to restore my health- food, exercise, supplements- I didn’t realize there was more to the story.

Once I trusted my intuition and understood the power of feminine energy, my health shifted and I started feeling more like the real me (even more than before my health crashed).

Tia Christiansen shares from her heart about the power of accessing our intuition and connecting with feminine power.

Maybe the most important question she invites us to ask ourselves is, "how am I charging my photon torpedoes?" 

Listen in to find out what she means!

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Tia Christiansen

After working in the music industry as a Music Festival & Custom Event Producer, and Art Director for over 20 years, Tia knew there was something more. Endless days on the road, long hours, high stress, completely burnt out and fatigued was not how she wanted to live her life.

She decided to leave her 20 year career and pursue what was really calling her - Coaching and becoming a Reiki Master. She holds both health & life coaching certifications, specialize in the Transformational Coaching Method (TCM), is a master of habit change, and a master at helping women transform their fears which allows them to fully connect with their vision and ensures success is inevitable.

During her journey as a Transformational Leadership Coach, she found the key to unlocking the well of energy that lives within each of us by helping highly successful, driven, female entrepreneurs and career driven women reclaim their divine feminine power and lead with heart. 

She now leverages 20 years of entrepreneurial experience along with her experience working as a lead for (2) Fortune 500 companies to guide women along the journey to finding their authentic self through her Authentically You Leadership program.

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Useful Resources:

~ Connect with Tia on her website: https://www.dreamsculptinginstitute.com/

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