"Love is not greedy, love is very generous." ~Sarah McCrum

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Sarah McCrum
Ssn2Ep8 ~ For The Love Of Money


Money. There's songs written about it. It makes or breaks relationships. We think about it more than we'd like to admit.

All this to say, the topic of money is a REALLY BIG DEAL.

When I asked Sarah how we can heal our relationship with money (we were talking about couples at the time, also working to heal their relationship with each other), she said, "you know, we can't expect to heal something with the same knowledge we already have."

And I'll offer to you that Sarah's take on improving our relationship with money is very different, kind of new, knowledge!

In this episode, you'll hear: 

- How money and spirituality can be (and must be) unified

- Why our relationship with money is a critical part of our wellbeing

- How our contribution to the world is limited by our relationship with money

- And of course, what we can DO to transform our experience with money

If you want to be more light in the world, now is the time to be lit up with regard to money!

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Sarah McCrum

Sarah McCrum has lived a fascinating life that no doubt contributes to the wisdom she brings to the world with regard to money. A  reporter and producer for BBC radio, energy master, founder of an energy training center, Sarah now facilitates online courses and events to help people transform their relationship with money and discover a more generous and fulfilling way of being in business and life.

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Useful Resources:

 ~ Learn much more about Sarah at www.sarahmccrum.com

~ Get Sarah's book, Love Money, Money Loves You right now.

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