“It never is helpful to suppress things, it’s always helpful to bring them into the light.” ~ Amy Mihaly, FNP

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Amy Mihaly
Ssn2Ep9 ~ Understanding Immunity & Promoting Resilient Health


Have you heard a B vitamin deficiency will show up in your heart - racing heart, skipped beats, etc.?

Or, if you’re Vitamin C deficient, you’ll bleed more easily - bleeding gums, etc.?

And seriously, have you ever even heard of Vitamin F?

There’s so much here and she breaks it down into simplicity. 

This conversation, with Amy Mihaly FNP, is an eye-opening reminder of the power in the human body for natural healing, and the way our bodies communicate their very specific needs. Grab your pen and paper because Amy delivers specific cues from your body letting you know of deficiencies keeping you out of balance, and exactly what to do about them.

In this episode, Amy:

- Redefines stress as it relates to health and the human body

- Shares unspoken vitamins and minerals essential for immune support

- Highlights signals from your body for what unique nutrition is required (memory lags, foggy brain, bleeding gums, nails, etc.)

- The major influencers pulling us from homeostasis (where our bodies have the power for natural healing)

- Gives the specific steps to take if we’ve been under tremendous stress or have experienced illness

- Explains why cholesterol levels are skyrocketing, the importance of cholesterol, and how we’ve misunderstood this nutrient for immunity, clear thinking, combatting inflammation, and a healthy nervous system

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Amy Mihaly

Amy is the owner and founder of Be Well Clinic. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified GAPS Practitioner, Speaker, Author, sits on the board of Integrative Medicine at Front Range Community College and is a member of the GAPS International team as a GAPS coach for practitioners.

Amy began her career working in the Western medicine model. From this training, she has a deep understanding of how the body works and how things may affect it. Amy believes that nutrition is the fundamental element to health and loves to empower people to achieve better health, by learning to listen to their body and understand the connection between their choices and how they feel.

When she is not working, she enjoys playing with her dog, Padfoot, spending time outside, camping, cooking, or reading books. When the need arises and opportunities are present, she enjoys going on missionary trips to provide mission, care and support. She also enjoys connecting with missionaries from all over the world.

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Useful Resources:

~ Connect with natural healing support through Amy’s Be Well Clinic: https://www.bewellclinic.net

~ Women, join our free community, Ignite Your Light, where we engage in specific practices related to each podcast topic and expand the conversation in a more intimate setting: https://www.facebook.com/groups/igniteyourlightforwomen

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